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Our research is focused on topics in theoretical soft matter physics, such as colloids, liquid crystals, granular matter, and liquid crystal elastomers. The approaches include macroscopic phenomenology (Landau-de Gennes, Leslie-Ericksen, and similar), topology, and microscopic molecular modeling (lattice and off-lattice Monte Carlo).

2D dipolar quadrupolar crystal.

     Topology of Three-Dimensional Active Nematic Turbulence Confined to Droplets in PRX.
     Spotting plants’ microfilament morphologies and nanostructures in PNAS.
     High-order elastic multipoles as colloidal atoms in Nature Communications.
     Dr. Guilhem Poy is awarded Marie Curie fellowship (in collaboration with S. Žumer).
     Sculpting stable structures in pure liquids in Science Advances.
     Žiga Kos PhD thesis defense .
     Shun Wang PhD thesis defense .
     doc. dr. Simon Čopar receives Prometej award.
     Monday physics colloquium, doc. dr. S. Čopar: Patterning of liquid crystal textures.
     Elusive torque sensed by liquid crystals in Nature.

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