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Our research is focused on topics in theoretical soft matter physics, such as colloids, liquid crystals, granular matter, and liquid crystal elastomers. The approaches include macroscopic phenomenology (Landau-de Gennes, Leslie-Ericksen, and similar), topology, and microscopic molecular modeling (lattice and off-lattice Monte Carlo).

Entangled defect structures in nematic dimers: figure of omega.

     Jure Aplinc PhD thesis defense .
     Simon Čopar successfully co-leads the organisation of 2018 European Union Science Olympiad .
     Prof. Dr. Slobodan Žumer becomes Physical Review X editorial board member .
     Dr. Jeffrey Everts is awarded Marie Curie fellowship .
     Visit by 2016 Nobel Prize winner prof. Duncan Haldane (Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3).
     Active nematic emulsions in Science Advances.
     Slobodan Žumer receives Zois Award for lifetime achievements.
     Slobodan Žumer is awarded APS Fellowship.
     Spontaneous formation and dynamics of half-skyrmions in a chiral liquid-crystal film in Nature Physics.

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