Physics of Soft and Partially Ordered Matter - Theory and simulation group

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Our research is focused on topics in theoretical soft matter physics, such as colloids, active matter, liquid crystals, granular matter, and liquid crystal elastomers. The approaches include macroscopic phenomenology (Landau-de Gennes, Leslie-Ericksen, and similar), topology, and microscopic molecular modeling (lattice and off-lattice Monte Carlo).

Distorsion induced flexo-electric potential in a nematic liquid crystal confined to a droplet.

Open-source software
We developed an easy-to-use open-source software for polarised optical microscopy going beyond the Jones method. For more details, see Open-source software

     Nika Kralj receives the best poster pitch (Active coarsening dynamics) award at the FLC2021 conference.
     Ionically charged topological defects in nematic fluids in PRX.
     Control of Light by Topological Solitons in Soft Chiral Birefringent Media in PRX receives a physics focus story.
     Chirality-Enhanced Periodic Self-Focusing of Light in Soft Birefringent Media in PRL.
     Mitja Zidar PhD thesis defense .
     Anja Pusovnik PhD thesis defense .
     Three-Dimensional Active Defect Loops in Physical Review Letters.
     Microfluidic control over topological states in channel-confined nematic flows in Nature Communications.
     Electroshock tuning of photonic crystals in Nature Materials.
     Miha Ravnik receives Zois Recognition for important achievements in soft matter physics.
     Slobodan Žumer receives the Freéderiksz Medal of the Russian Liquid Crystal Society for his contribution in the field of Physics of Liquid Crystals.
     Topology of Three-Dimensional Active Nematic Turbulence Confined to Droplets in PRX.

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