Physics of Soft and Partially Ordered Matter - Theory and simulation group

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Future meetings co-organised by the group members:
Meetings co-organised by the group members:
High density DNA arrays: models, theories and multiscale simulations
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 24-26 July 2019
The mathematical design of new materials
Cambridge, UK, 3rd January - 28th June 2019
10th Liquid Matter Conference
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 17-21 July 2017
6th Workshop on Liquid Crystals for Photonics
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14-16 September 2016
Light and Matter - infinite challenges
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 3-4 December 2015
COST Workshop on Modelling of Flowing Matter
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 16-18 February 2015
Physics of complex colloids - COMPLOIDS 2013
Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2013
Workshop on assembling of superstructures in soft matter
Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 2012
Planer-Smoluchowski Soft Matter Workshop on Liquid Crystal Colloids
Lviv, Ukraine, October 2011
Winter HIERARCHY School on Theoretical and Experimental Techniques
Ljubljana, Slovenia, February 2011
Confined Liquid Crystals: Landmarks and Perspectives
Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 2010
Liquid Crystal Phases and Nano-Structures Workshop - ERICE 2008
Erice (TP), Italy, October 2008
International Liquid Crystal Elastomer Conference
Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2007
European Polymer Federation Congress
Portorož, Slovenia, July 2007
Colloids, Interfaces and Liquid Crystals
Erice (TP), Italy, July 2006
RTN FULCE meeting
Bled, Slovenia, November 2005 (network meeting)
20th International Liquid Crystal Conference
Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 2004

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