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Recent prizes received by the members of our group
Miha Ravnik receives the Slovenian research agency (ARRS) award for exelence in science (Odlični v znanosti).
Miha Ravnik receives the Blinc Award for physicists at the beginning of their career.
Miha Ravnik recieves National Zois recognition of important scientific achievements in soft matter physics.

Slobodan Žumer recieves the Freéderiksz Medal of the Russian Liquid Crystal Society for his contribution in the field of Physics of Liquid Crystals..

Simon Čopar receives Prometej award.
Simon Čopar receives Certificate of recognition for young higher education teachers and staff.
Slobodan Žumer receives Zois Award for lifetime achievements.

Slobodan Žumer awarded APS Fellowship.
Slobodan Žumer elected into European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Miha Ravnik awarded EPJ Distinguished Referee 2016.

Miha Ravnik receives the Honorary award for best junior university professors
Awarded by the University of Ljubljana
for his extraordinary achievements in research and teaching.

Slobodan Žumer receives Honored Member Award of the International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCSOC).

Simon Čopar receives Glenn Brown Prize.

Simon Čopar receives Jozef Stefan Golden Emblem prize.

Slobodan Žumer receives Paper Award A of Japanese LC Society.

Miha Ravnik receives Jozef Stefan Golden Emblem prize.

Simon Čopar wins the faculty competition in reciting the number Pi.

Miha Ravnik receives Glenn Brown Prize

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