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Papers published in 2020:
S. Čopar and A. Božič, Symmetry breaking of dipole orientations on Caspar-Klug lattices, Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043199 (2020). [Link] [PDF].
V. P. Patil, Z. Kos, M. Ravnik, and J. Dunkel, Discharging dynamics of topological batteries, Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043196 (2020). [Link] [PDF].
S. R. Amanaganti, M. Ravnik and J. Dotabhaktuni, Collective photonic response of high refractive index dielectric metasurfaces, Sci. Rep. 10, 15599 (2020). [Link] [PDF].
A. J. Hess, G. Poy, J.-S. B. Tai, S. Žumer, and I. I. Smalyukh, Control of Light by Topological Solitons in Soft Chiral Birefringent Media, Phys. Rev. X 10, 031042 (2020) [Link] [PDF][Physics focus story].
J. Fukuda and S. Žumer, Lattice orientation of cholesteric blue phases in contact with surfaces enforcing unidirectional planar anchoring, Phys. Rev. Research 2033407 (2020) [Link] [PDF].
Z. Krajnik, Z. Kos and M. Ravnik, Spectral energy analysis of bulk three-dimensionalactive nematic turbulence, Soft Matter , (2020). DOI: 10.1039/c9sm02492a [Link] [PDF].
G. Park, S. Čopar, A. Suh, M. Yang, U. Tkalec, and D. K. Yoon* Periodic Arrays of Chiral Domains Generated from the Self-Assembly of Micropatterned Achiral Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystal, ASC Cent. Sci. (2020) [Link] [PDF].
G. Poy, A. J. Hess, I. I. Smalyukh, and S. Žumer Chirality-Enhanced Periodic Self-Focusing of Light in Soft Birefringent Media, Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 077801 (2020) [Link] [PDF].
A. Gnidovec and S. Čopar Orientational ordering of point dipoles on a sphere, Phys. Rev. B 102, 075416 (2020) [Link] [PDF].
G. Poy and S. Žumer Physics-based multistep beam propagation in inhomogeneous birefringent media, Optics Express 28, 24327-24342 (2020) [Link] [PDF].
M. Lavrič, N. Derets, D. Črešnar, V. Cresta, V. Domenici, A. Rešetič, G. Skačej, M. Sluban, P. Umek, B. Zalar, Z. Kutnjak, and B. Rožič Tunability of the elastocaloric response in main-chain liquid crystalline elastomer, Liquid Crystals 1-7 (2020) [Link] [PDF]
B, Berteloot, I. Nys, G. Poy, J. Beeckman and K. Neyts Ring-shaped liquid crystal structures through patterned planar photo-alignment, Soft Matter 16 4999-5008 (2020) [Link] [PDF]
J. A. Richards, B. M. Guy, E. Blanco, M. Hermes, G. Poy, and W. C. K. Poon The role of friction in the yielding of adhesive non-Brownian suspensions, Journal of Rheology 64 405 (2020) [Link] [PDF]
M. Lavrič, G. Cordoyiannis, V. Tzitzios, I. Lelidis, S. Kralj, G. Nounesis, S. Žumer, M. Daniel, and Z. Kutnjak Blue phase stabilization by CoPt-decorated reduced-graphene oxide nanosheets dispersed in a chiral liquid crystal, Journal of Applied Physics 127, 095101 (2020) [Link]
R. Chagas, P. Silva, S. N. Fernandes, S. Zumer, and M. H. Godinho, Playing the blues, the greens and the reds with cellulose-based structural colours, Faraday Discussions (2020). [Link] [PDF].
J. C. Everts, Screened Coulomb interactions of general macroions with nonzero particle volume, Phys. Rev. Research 2, 033144 (2020). [Link] [PDF].
M. Ravnik and J. C. Everts, Topological-Defect-Induced Surface Charge Heterogeneities in Nematic Electrolytes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 037801 (2020). [Link] [PDF].
M. Zidar, P. Rozman, K. Belko-Parkel, M.Ravnik, Control of viscosity in biopharmaceutical protein formulations, J. Coll. Int. Sci. 580, 308 (2020). [Link] [PDF].
J. C. Everts and M. Ravnik, Charge-, salt- and flexoelectricity-driven anchoring effects in nematics, Liq. Cryst. , (2020); [Link] [PDF].
R. Geršak and S. Copar, Interactions on the Interface between Two Liquid Crystal Materials, Crystals 10(5), 393 (2020) [abstract] [PDF].
J. Binysh, Z. Kos, S. Copar, M. Ravnik, and G. P. Alexander, Three-Dimensional Active Defect Loops, Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 088001 (2020) [abstract] [PDF].
Z. Kos and M. Ravnik, Field generated nematic microflows via backflow mechanism, Sci. Rep. 10, 1446 (2020). [Link] [PDF].
M. Zidar, G. Posnjak, I. Musevic, M. Ravnik and D. Kuzman, Surfaces Affect Screening Reliability in FormulationDevelopment of Biologics, Pharm. Res. 37, 27 (2020). [Link] [PDF].
S. Čopar, Ž. Kos, T. Emeršič, U.Tkalec, Microfluidic control over topological states in channel-confined nematic flows, Nat. Comm. 11 59 (2020)
S. Žumer, Electroshock tuning of photonic crystals, Nat. Mat. 19 6-7 (2020)
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