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Papers published in 2018:
S. M. Hashemi, M. Ravnik, Nematic colloidal knots in topological environments, Soft Matter (2018). [Abstract] [PDF].
P. Guillamat, Ž. Kos, J. Hardoüin, J. Ignés-Mullol, M. Ravnik and F. Sagués, Active nematic emulsions, Science Advances 4,4 (2018). [Abstract] [PDF].
G. Skačej, Sample preparation affects the nematic-isotropic transition in liquid crystal elastomers: insights from molecular simulation, Soft Matter 14, 1408 (2018). [Abstract] [PDF].
C. Chiccoli, L. R. Evangelista, P. Pasini, G. Skačej, R. Teixeira de Souza, and C. Zannoni, On the Defect Structure of Biaxial Nematic Droplets, Sci. Rep. 8, 2130 (2018). [Abstract] [PDF].
Ž. Kos and M. Ravnik, Elementary Flow Field Profiles of Micro-Swimmers in Weakly Anisotropic Nematic Fluids: Stokeslet, Stresslet, Rotlet and Source Flows, Fluids 3, 15 (2018). [Abstract] [Open Access: PDF].
T. Potisk, A. Mertelj, N. Sebastián, N. Osterman, D. Lisjak, H. R. Brand, H. Pleiner and D. Svenšek, Magneto-optic dynamics in a ferromagnetic nematic liquid crystal, Phys. Rev. E 97, 012701 (2018). [Abstract] [PDF].
J. Fukuda and S. Žumer, Reflection spectra and near-field images of a liquid crystalline half-Skyrmion lattice, Opt. Express 26, 1174 (2018). [Abstract] [Open Access: PDF].
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