Physics of Soft and Partially Ordered Matter

Theory and Simulation Group

Our research explores selected topics in the general field of soft matter, especially,  focusing on complex soft materials, topology and geometry, active matter and bio-systems, soft- and bio-photonics, and their applications. Specifically, our main research topics include topological defects in soft matter, colloids and complex fluids, soft matter optics and photonics, active matter, dynamics of complex fluids, liquid crystal emulsions, protein aggregation in biopharmaceuticals, liquid crystal elastomers, interactions on spherical lattices and caloric effects in soft matter. The methodological approaches include macroscopic phenomenology, topology, and microscopic molecular modeling.

Latest News

Physical Review Letters

March 2023 - Nika Kralj, Miha Ravnik, and Žiga Kos published a paper in Physical Review Letters on Defect line coarsening and refinement in active nematics.

Nature Communications

November 2022 - Maruša Mur, Žiga Kos Miha Ravnik and Igor Muševič published a paper in Nature Communications on Continuous generation of topological defects in a passively driven nematic liquid crystal.


Prof. Miha Ravnik 

October 2022 - Miha Ravnik was promoted to a full professor at University of Ljubljana. Congratulations!