Hardware (selected)


Two-dimensional hybrid lattice Boltzmann code for active nematodynamics

The numerical package provides an introduction into the hybrid lattice Boltzmann method and numerical modelling of active nematics. The code solves the continuum equations of active nematodynamics in two dimensions with periodic boundary conditions using a D2Q19 lattice Boltzmann model for the velocity field and a finite difference approach for the Q-tensor. Few introductory exercises are also suggested.



Nemaktis (developed by Dr. G. Poy)

Nemaktis is an open-source platform including tools for propagating and visualizing optical fields in complex birefringent media such as liquid crystal (LC) layers. It includes three backends implementing advanced numerical methods for light propagation, as well as an easy-to-use high level interface in python allowing to quickly setup a simulation and visualize optical micrographs of a LC structure as in a real microscope. It goes well beyond the Jones method usually used in LC research, by accurately modeling diffraction, walk-off, focusing effects, Koehler illumination…

If you want a platform for easily comparing experimental images and numerical micrographs from simulated or theoretical birefringent structures, you should definitely check it out!




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